Can’t Sleep? Go For a Run!

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My eyes opened after only four hours of rest. And the thing is, when insomnia is constantly present in your life, there’s no going back to sleep. I remember waking up in the middle of the night a few times, glancing around and realizing that I still have more time to rest. It’s becoming a routine where at first the body feels too tired to even move, so I stay in bed hoping for sleep to come back, one hour later I feel the same, if not worse, and I still haven’t been able to sleep. I’m left with no other option but to get up and start the day with whatever energy I’ve accumulated.

It’s a common belief that exercise could help you sleep better, which is weird for me since I’ve been quite an active person for four years already and, my sleeping problems started a few months ago when I was exercising the most. I don’t let it take me down, though. So despite the exhaustion, I put on my running shoes and go outside for a quick run, hoping to use up all the energy I have left.

DSC_0675 (2)

Improves mental health

I’ve been jogging for a few years already, but haven’t really improved much. The only reason I keep doing it is for the mental health benefits it brings me. And, while studies don’t show exercise improves sleep but it’s the other way around, exercise can actually help ease depression symptoms. Since being depressed can lead to insomnia, it doesn’t hurt to give exercise a chance.

Helps the body feel better

Depression can be caused by a chemical imbalance and that’s why I treat it as a physical issue. Even though running can be a painful thing to do and, sometimes, I wonder why I put myself through such pain, I like the power and strength I feel after a good jogging/running session. Not only it helps get in better shape but your brain will also release endorphins that’ll help you lift your mood.

Do it for the willpower!

I believe whenever I push myself to last a bit longer, I stop myself from giving up and do my best to endure the pain longer. If I endure longer, my willpower will strengthen and with it my ability to handle mentally challenging situations.

Bottom line is: aside from the physical benefits you get from exercise, it improves your mental health over time which could benefit your sleep patterns. Not to mention, it’ll help your bowel movements. Just saying.


Have an active day, pineapples!

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