Why Changing Jobs Keeps Me Sane

I finally got a new job. After months of applying to different jobs and getting “Thanks, but no thanks” emails. After practicing in front of a mirror how to introduce myself a hundred times, and how to smile a hundred more times. Not to mention preparing myself for all the stereotypical questions and uncomfortable moments knowing that most of the answers I’m giving are all staged. They’re the result of multiple drafts that end up being exaggerated truths. *coughwhosaidthatcough*
However, sometimes despite the trouble I get the job and it’s time to celebrate!

Me being an anxious wreck before the interview.

This time I’ll be working on the same job as my wonderful sister, Astrid, which makes us so happy. The first thing I told her after she congratulated me was “How great we get to be miserable in the same building!” to which she answered “Yay for that!”.

Yes, I’ll be inevitably miserable after a few months. I’ll get tired and will want to move on to the next challenge, but I have at least two reasons for that.

It’s a change of routine
Have you ever felt bored of a job after some time? After all the excitement for the new job, you start becoming accustomed to what every day will look like. You can’t tell the days apart from each other, and the thought of going to work raises causes anxiety. There’s no joy in performing the job anymore when you feel trapped in a vicious cycle.

I feel you. Whenever I feel stuck at work, my motivation decreases and it’s harder for me to even make it to the workplace. I start calling out often, I feel lethargic while working and will not be able to focus at all. The routine kills me slowly. I start wondering why am I doing the same thing over and over again, and why am I stuck. Which is why, despite knowing that I will inevitably grow tired of the next job, perhaps it’s my millennial brain, I feel the need to change jobs eventually.

Gain knowledge
I crave the new knowledge a new place, and new people, can offer me. I’m eager to learn just any job just for the satisfaction of that. It’s one thing that brings change to my routine and possibly new ways to live my life that’ll help me keep my mind busy and avoid falling into the abyss.

I wish this was an acceptable answer in an interview.

I wish this was true as well!

At the end I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t found my calling, in fact, I don’t believe there’s such thing as a dream job. I believe we should have the right to change jobs as often as we want and that doesn’t mean we’re unstable. There should be no shame in learning new ways and being up to new journeys as often as we want. I believe that helps to maintain a healthy mind. And an employee with a healthy mind is surely a happy one.

Stay sane, pineapples!

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