4 Reasons Why Dressing Up Gives Me Confidence

I love dressing up! There’s no way around it and everyone that has seen me for more than once is well aware of this fact. No one tells me how to dress or how to blend into the walls anymore. It has become part of my identity and one way I express myself in my daily life.

Do it for yourself.
I laugh when someone asks me what’s the special occasion or whom I’m dressing up for. People have yet to understand that I dress up because it makes me feel good about myself.
I love to dress up and I do it for me. Yes, it might attract some attention but, I’m ready for it. I’m doing something that brings me joy and it doesn’t hurt anyone, so why should I stop? (well, it hurts my wallet from getting too excited with pretty outfits once they’re stuck in my mind!)

Preventing a mental meltdown.
Everyday has to be lived like a party. Especially when having big mood swings or surprise moments like I do. When you have a mental illness it can stop you on your tracks and take over your whole day.

I can have a full day planned ahead from going out and meeting friends or to just go out by myself and have fun or do errands, but when the depression or anxiety dawns on me, it’s hard to get out of that mindset. So instead of waiting for those special days I just see every good day as a day worth of celebrating.

Builds confidence!
Every time I start working on what I’m going to wear, I can get easily distracted in checking out my “flaws” and I end up wanting to hide from the world. However, I force myself to remember the fun part comes after. So I concentrate on what I feel like for the moment and once I put the outfit together, and see myself ready for the day, I’m in cloud nine!
I feel worthy of being seen. Satisfied of being myself in the outside world.
I should be able to just exist and be happy.

Because I love being extra!
Hear me out! All my friends and family tell me I’m always extra, even before I started dressing up. I love theater and have quite a loud and dramatic flair personality. When I’m with friends I love making them laugh and can be “dramatic” just for the fun of it. And I get to express that in my outfits everyday which has brought an extra level of fun and happiness to my life.

So the reason why I dress up and really the only one I need: because it makes me happy and I want to live my best life.

That’s my goal: to be happy with myself and concentrate on the good attributes I want to show to the world!

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