What we’ve been reading during lockdown

So here in Orlando things are not pretty. We’ve been in lockdown for more than a week, two maybe, not sure as I don’t keep track anymore. Although you see cars on the street as usual, most businesses are closed and they keep on closing. Everyday is a new day, literally. Every morning I check the news as soon as I open my eyes only to have more disappointment. I can’t help it. I think none of us can.

In the middle of a lockdown this is what we’re reading to get our spirits up. Something to remind us what we’re working for and why. Something to remind us that our womanhood is beautiful and what makes us who we are.

That no matter what happens we’re strong and able to outcome it.

Stay inspired, pineapples!

Currently Reading: The Anxiety Toolkit

I feel like I’m on trial. The training for the new job is causing me to wake up every day irritated and a bit anxious about the situation. Somehow I passed two assessments already but, if I don’t pass the third and last one then that’s it, I’m out. I feel a huge boulder on my chest and I find myself incessantly tapping my feet to an imaginary beat when I’m at the training classroom. I’m nervous I won’t be smart enough for the job, anxious I’ll end up unemployed. I replay different worst-case scenarios in my head daily, coming up with new ones every day!


What We’re Reading Now

What were reading now

As people get ready to start a new year, we like to start ours with a good inspirational book. The Quirky Pineapple girls are currently reading Gmorning, Gnight!: Little Pep Talks for Me & You by Lin-Manuel Miranda. It’s a light reading designed to help you either start the day or go to bed with positive thoughts. Not to mention the drawings make it look so cute!

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