Who are we?

Welcome to our quirky corner of the world, created by two sisters about how they cope with their everyday struggles.
Our brain is in a constant conundrum and its evil plan is to destroy us, but we won’t let it. We fight against mental issues the best way we know how to: doing a bunch of random stuff.

This is what comes out of the struggle of living with anxiety, depression, borderline disorder, add, post-traumatic stress disorder, bipolar disorder and who knows what else disorder.

If you suffer from a mental illness or are peculiar, like us, this is for you. Sure, we are not perfect because we can’t be, but we learn a lesson with every random stuff we do. It’s called coping and we will never give up on this battle.

Thank you, and enjoy it.

Why we do this

Every day is a new struggle for us. Some days breathing is painful, others are filled with joyful moments. More than often our minds turn us into potato bags and even then we have to pick ourselves up and go out the door and go to work, or go do stuff and that requires so much strength and coping techniques.

While we struggle we laugh it off. We make fun of ourselves; we do not take our mistakes seriously. There is no use on dwelling on painful emotions but when you have mental illness we understand there is no helping it. It just happens. They come uninvited.

We know there are so much people out there that could use some help or just a corner where they find someone to listen.
We’re here and willing to listen to you. Hopefully this corner will help you find new ways of embracing yourself.